EEC is Located just 30 minutes from Charlottetown on beautiful Prince Edward Island. We are a privately owned facility offering all the ammenities needed to properly condition your horse. The Main Barn offers 14 padded stalls that measure 12x12 with 2 oversize stalls that measure 12x16 and the drilled well located on the property offers the horses unlimited fresh clean PEI water. 


     The training track has a stone dust 1/2 mile surface with excellent drainage and low banked turns, this combined with year round conditioning gives a high level of cushion, helping the Young Horses stay sound during development. Trackside is a climate controlled viewing area for owners along with a kitchen area and washrooms.


     Our professional staff, with a combined 65 years of horsemanship, have a special interest for yearlings and two-year old horses. They have developed Champion horses during their career and are committed to providing all horses with the highest level of patience, care and schooling needed during their stay with us.


     Local Vets are available daily to offer the best medical attention for your horse if needed and The Atlantic Vet College in Charlottetown is on call for any emergency care.


     Our Core Business is to Break, Condition, Train and School your horse(s) at an affordable flat rate that makes it attractive for owners during the "Training Down" period. It is our vision to give owners an affordable solution for having their horse(s) Trained Down.